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Fic: Knocked Up

Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Rating: PG
Pairings: Kirk/Spock,
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek. They would never let stuff like this be official.

Summary: The TOS kink meme desires knocked up Spock. The kink meme gets pregnant Spock.

Knocked Up

A low beeping sound filled a darkened room. A hand came out from a tangle of blankets and Spock turned off the alarm, as he always did whenever he slept with Jim in his quarters, but then he did the unexpected; he rolled over and went back to sleep.


Spock was awakened again, this time, by the sound of someone shuffling around clothing and throwing it on the bed. He blinked and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“As flattered as I am that you wished to spend more time together, Spock, we are going to be late.”

Spock continued to lie on the bed trying to comprehend it. They were late? Jim was up before him?

Jim stood and stared at his lover as he spoke again, a bit of his authority starting to slip into his voice. “Come on, Spock, I didn’t work you that hard last night.”

They were late! “Yes, Captain.” Spock said, and pushed himself up off the bed hurrying to get ready.

If that had been the only instance of fatigue Spock would have simply let it go as an anomaly, but throughout the day he found himself inexplicably exhausted. He had been getting the required amount of rest and yet he was tired. It was unusual to say the least. Thankfully the day’s routine was abnormal, by that Spock meant that no space anomalies had to be reported, no planets with hostile natives were in the area, and no ship had come to blast them out of the stars. Thus, he was quite certain no one had noticed that all his reports came in fifty-eight seconds later than usual. Or that over lunch he had to suppress a great desire to tell Jim that watching him mutilate his lunch with a fork made him want to lose his. Feeling annoyance at the petty behaviour of others was something that he had been mastered long ago, what would make it return?

The moment his shift was over he went to his quarters and began meditation on the issue. He breathed in deeply, and relaxed, letting his mind inspect each area of his body in turn looking for any injury, a parasitic intruder, anything that would explain his symptoms. At last coming to a little used organ, thought essentially unessential in his body, and yet it was now active. Very active in fact and the answer flooded his mind in an instant, he was pregnant. Now it all made sense. Lethargy was one of the classic symptoms of Vulcan pregnancy. It was natural, gestating new life required more energy and so his body desired more rest, and changes in hormonal levels affected emotional responses. He would have to monitor that symptom very closely indeed. This was unplanned of course, but as he thought about his situation he found that he was not averse to continuing the pregnancy at all, and was quite proud that he had the opportunity to continue the line of Solkan. As he lie down he wondered if, being half-human, he would exhibit any symptoms associated with human pregnancy.


Two days later when Spock found himself leaning over the toilet in his quarters regurgitating his breakfast he concluded that indeed he would. Fascinating. Thankfully Jim was not around to witness this display. Not that he planned to hide this from Jim at all, but as he understood it, it was customary to wait until the foetus was assured to be viable before informing anyone and Spock did not yet know if it would be. It was a sound idea really. Logically there was no need to make his condition known, setting up terms of leave and so forth, and then only to perhaps miscarry. Also if he did miscarry it would put emotional stress on Jim and he wished to avoid that. It would viable in about two months time and that left still two more months still before the birth, and there would be time to make proper arrangements then.

As the pregnancy went on Spock made sure to take extra rest when he could. He was also careful to make sure all dietary requirements were met, many in the liquid form to ease digestion in the event he would not be able to keep it down. Thankfully the ‘morning sickness’ as it was termed did in fact limit itself to early morning hours and so it didn’t impair his duties in any way and went away after three weeks. Spock had been somewhat sorry to see it go. It had been a rather punctual, if annoying, alarm clock.


The last several weeks had been largely uneventful and yet Spock now stood in his quarters concerned. It was the one symptom of pregnancy he had hoped would not come up. His stomach was distended. Standing in front of the mirror he brushed one hand across it. The baby kicked in response. It wasn’t overly large, but just enough to be noticeable even while in uniform.

Well it was just time to inform Jim. The child was viable now and they were due to dock at Starbase 11 in three solar days and so they could arrange any necessary replacements at that time. His decision made he went to the bridge. Truly it was all perfectly well planned, until it wasn’t.

Spock exited the turbolift and headed straight for Jim.

“Captain, I must speak with you-”

“Captain, urgent message coming in from Starfleet command.”

“Audio, Lieutenant Uhura.”

“Captain Kirk, armed conflict has broken out between two sides on Mandola IV you are to redirect there immediately to beginning peaceful negotiations if at all possible.”

“Mr. Chekov, set a course for Mandola IV full speed.”

Spock went to his station to begin gathering information. His previous news banished to the back of his mind as his duty took its place.


Mere hours later Spock and Jim made their way to the transporter room to meet McCoy as Jim explained his plan.

“And, Spock, I want you with me as well.”

“Captain, I observe that my presence might be unnecessary in this instance.”

“This mission will require tactful diplomacy and you have more of a gift for it than I do, Spock. I need you.”

Spock carefully weighed his options before responding. Jim didn’t know of his condition and that it could prove a hindrance for a landing party at this later stage. He could tell him now, but he understood that such an announcement was to be private and this moment certainly was not.

“Of course, Captain.”

In no time Spock, Jim, and McCoy stood on the transporter pad ready to beam down.

“I’m glad the six month check-ups are coming up. You look to be in a need of a physical, Spock,” McCoy said, looking down at where Spock’s stomach was stretching against his shirt.

“I assure you, Doctor, that is unnecessary.”


They beamed down and cautiously went in search of the natives. McCoy splitting off from Spock and Jim to check over one hill, and Jim couldn’t help but chuckle when he looked at one point to see Spock rub his stomach.

“Don’t let McCoy’s comments get to you, Spock, you know him.”

“I know, Jim, his comments do not bother me. His observations have an explanation I’m-”

He never got to finish as the natives came at them and seeing an unconscious McCoy with them quickly ensured their surrender.


Two hours later McCoy woke up to find himself on a dirt floor. He turned his head to see rows of black bars.

“You know with all the time we spend being captives you’d think I’d be use to jail cells,” he grumbled, and went to help Spock look for weaknesses in the door as Jim tried to explain to the guard for the fifth time that they were here to help them.


Three weeks later misunderstandings had been cleared up and negotiations were finally underway. In the tent where the proceedings were being held Jim Kirk watched as Spock kept shifting in his seat every few minutes as if he was uncomfortable. It wasn’t like him. As the chairman called for lunch Spock all, but jumped out of his chair and left the tent. Jim quickly followed him.

“Mr. Spock, I’ve never seen you run away from a diplomatic meeting so fast before. Too much even for your logical mind?”

“That is not the case, Captain, but the negotiations will likely go on for another two hours after that and I don’t believe I can hold out that long.”

“Hold out? Well, Mr. Spock I know these last few days haven’t been nearly as exciting as our usual missions, but-”

He turned to face him, just in time to notice Spock flinch and reveal that his teeth were clenched together as if he were in great pain.

“Spock, what is it? What’s wrong? When were you hurt?!”

“I am not injured.”

“Then what is it?”

“Before we arrived I had a previous condition I had wished to inform you of and until now have been unable to.”


“My body has recently begun gestating new life; that is yours and mine.”

“You’re pregnant?”

“No doubt due to the stress of our recent circumstances I have entered the stage of dilation. The contractions are now only 4.97 minutes apart.”

Jim just gaped at him

“I believe the common term is labour.”


Jim left Spock to go chase down the good doctor, adrenaline flooding his shocked system.

“Jim, what is it?”

“It’s Spock.”

“Oh, what did the green-blooded hobgoblin do now?”

Jim opened his mouth to try and explain, and nothing came out. He just gaped for a few more moments before managing to spit out, “hot water?”

“Jim, you all right?”

Not bothering to answer Jim just grabbed him by the arm and pulled him over to a small out of the way tent; where Spock now sat on the ground away from prying eyes.

“Spock, what is it?”

“Jim did not inform you of the pregnancy?”

“The what?!”

McCoy rushed over and began running his tricorder over Spock.

“Unbelievable,” he announced at the results.

Quickly he began checking the position of the baby, biting back all the sarcastic comments he wanted to shout out. There would be time to berate him afterwards right now he needed to be a medical professional and nothing more.

“How far along are you?”

“24.1 weeks preciously the child will be 34.6 days pre-mature.”

“Well that isn’t too bad.”

“Wait if you knew you were that far along, Spock, why did you let me let you be part of the landing party?!”

“Based on the information you had at the time I was the logical choice, Jim.”

“You could have given me that vital information right then!”

“It was my understanding that the announcement was to be private, was I incorrect?”

“Well no, but in times like this procedure can be disregarded!”

“Jim, will you stop pacing you’re getting dirt everywhere.”

“Oh, excuse me for being upset that I’m about to become a parent!”

“Well if you’re going to go through every cliché in ‘The Big Book of Impending Fatherhood’ then faint to your left.”

“Well can you at least tell me if it’s a boy or a girl, Spock? No wait! Never mind I want to be surprised. What am I saying, I’m already surprised! Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?”

“I did not wish to inform until viability because should I have miscarried the child it would have caused you great emotional pain.”

Jim stopped pacing at that, oddly touched. Trust Spock to always put everyone’s feelings and needs ahead of his own. In fact at the moment he should be more worried about Spock. He was the one having the baby! Jim went over and sat beside his lover, taking one hand in his own. He wiped Spock’s forehead with his sleeve where sweat had begun to collect and pulled off Spock’s uniform shirt, to expose the black undershirt, trying to keep him some what cool.

“Keep that clean, Jim, I need something to wrap the kid in.”

He nodded and placed it in his lap.

“Well Spock can handle pain so at least we don’t have to hear you scream about how I did this to you, right?”

A contraction hit at that moment and Spock clamped down hard on Jim’s hand.

“Or not,” Jim gasped, his voice strangled in pain.

“My apologies, Jim, I must maintain a mind meld with the child and splitting my concentration to deal with pain as well is…difficult.”

“The kid can do that Vulcan voodoo thing already?”

“Yes it is vital to the developing mind,” he rubbed his free hand over his abdomen. “The poor thing is quite terrified.”

“I know the feeling,” McCoy said, glancing back down. “All right, Spock, it looks like we’re ready to push.”

Expulsion turned out to be the shortest part of Vulcan labour as it seemed that only moments later the wailing of an infant filled the air.

“Is he…um it…okay?”

“It’s a girl, Jim, and well nothing wrong with her lungs is there?”

“Give her to me.”

“I don’t know if I should considering you went stiff as a board the last time you held one of these.”

“Skin to skin contact is essential, Doctor, please.”

McCoy carefully handed her to him and Spock pulled her close whispering Vulcan words.

McCoy smiled enjoying the sight before him. “Well since it’s not a boy we can’t name it James Leonard Kirk.”

“Thankfully no, now we get to be insufferable don’t we, Amanda?”


Spock cocked an eyebrow at both men’s outburst. Jim took his little girl then and wrapped her in the shirt. As he held her in his arms he traced his fingers over her ears, pointed naturally, and whispered her name, “Amanda.” It was perfect, she was perfect.

“Amanda Aurlean Kirk.”

Jim’s eyes flickered up to Spock’s for a moment seeking approval and Spock nodded. As he watched Jim hold the baby he noticed that the man was crying.

“Are you not pleased, Jim?”

“As all hell.”

Spock continued to watch Jim taking in everything about her.

“Doctor, I do not understand the necessity of his actions.”

“There is no necessity, Spock, humans like it!”

“Yes humans do illogical things, especially in the presence of their children, but still I do not see why counting her fingers and toes is at all-”

McCoy cut him off, “Spock, shut up and be happy.”

The communicator beeped at that moment and cut off further arguments.

“McCoy here.”

“Scott here, sir, we’ve been informed that the negotiations have been completed and that you three were unaccounted for during that time. The governments wish to have an explanation.”

“We had a medical emergency that kept us occupied. Four to beam up.”

“Four, Doctor?”



Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott had seen many strange things appear on transporter pads over the years, but nothing beat seeing the Vulcan first officer, half dressed, exhausted, and holding a sleeping baby who couldn’t have been more than an hour old.

“Mr. Spock?”

“I had every intention of informing the crew in due course, Mr. Scott, unfortunately the circumstances made that quite impossible. If you will excuse me I will retire to my quarters.”

“Oh, no you don’t! Both of you are coming down to sickbay where I can poke and prod you two with every test I’ve got because you didn’t bother with prenatal care and then you get to stay over night for observation and then if, if you are cleared you get to be confined to quarters for at least a week!”

With that declaration McCoy took Spock, by the arm not holding his daughter, and escorted him out of the room.

“Captain, how?”

“To be perfectly honest, Scotty, I haven’t gotten the full story yet myself.”

“Would it be too bold to ask who the other…I mean surly there must be.”

“I am,” Jim said, twisting his hands together still in some shock about how much his life had just changed, “I have a daughter.”

Scotty’s face broke out in a wide smile. “Well congratulations, sir! Have you picked out a name for the wee lass?” he asked coming over to shake his hand.



Scotty, though he would deny it vehemently when asked, was the worst gossiper on the Enterprise and by the time Jim got to the bridge he was treated to another round of congratulations and handshakes from everyone there.

“Mr. Sulu, set course for Starbase 11 warp factor two. Obviously we are going to be in need of supplies.”

Jim had just sat down when the com beeped.

"Sickbay to Bridge."


“Jim, tell your people to stop coming in here and disturbing my patients! This is a medical bay, not a county fair!”

He laughed. “All right, all right don’t ruin your blood pressure.”

Jim switched over the com frequency and made a ship wide announcement.

“Attention all personal. As most of you are now aware we have a new passenger on board. As she is going to require some schedule changes you will all get to see her in time so I ask that you all not mob Sickbay at this time. This is strictly voluntary, but if anyone would like to watch her on a rotating shift I would be very grateful.”


Jim made his way to sickbay, stopping by his quarters to check the new duty roster. As he checked the new babysitting section he saw that there were well over three hundred names on the list. Jim shook his head and smiled thinking that this might just work out after all.

The End


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Jul. 16th, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
Awesome! Love it!
Jul. 17th, 2010 08:06 am (UTC)
Awwww, yay! And that is SO Spock, not telling anyone in case he miscarried and it upset Jim.
Jul. 23rd, 2010 11:05 pm (UTC)
Loved this. There`s not enough m-preg on the TOS verse.

Nov. 7th, 2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Awww, this was so sweet, I loved it! I haven't read Star Trek in a long time, I just might have to start... !
Nov. 11th, 2010 07:37 am (UTC)
Do it! Do it! This fandom always needs more fanfic addicts!
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