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mage_989's Journal

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1 January 1986
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001.Absolute Power 002.Alien!Kal 003.alfred!Fic 004.Alternate Universe 005.Bottom!Batman
006.Top!Batman 007.Black Kryptonite 008.Body-Switching 009.Bonding 010.Bruce in Smallville
011.Bruce Speaking Kryptonian 012.Bat Hound-fic 013.Barn Sex 014.Bruce in Chains 015.BDSM-Bruce
016.BDSM-Clark 017.Clark in Chains 018.Clark in Gotham 019.Cape Porn 020.College Years
021.Costume Switching 022.crossdresser!Bruce 023.crossdresser!Clark 024.de-aged!Bruce 025.de-aged!Clark
026.Death of Lois 027.Dirty Talk 028.Dreamworld 029.Dark!Bruce 030.Dark!Clark
031.Established Relationship 032.Evil Twin 033.First Flight 034.First Time Meeting 035.First Time Romance
036.First Time Sex 037.Friendship 038.genderbent!Clark 039.genderbent!Bruce 040.Holiday-Xmas
041.Holidays-V-Day 042.Holiday-Any 043.harveydent!Fic 044.Hand Porn 045.Injured Bruce
046.Injured Clark 047.Jealous Bruce 048.Jealous Clark 049.Justice Lords 050.joker!Fic
051.krypto!Fic 052.Kal in Heat 053.Kandor 054.Kryptonian Physiology 055.Lasso of Truth
056.Love Token Exchange 057.Mind Controlled-Clark 058.Mind Contolled-Bruce 059.Marriage 060.Memory Loss-Bruce
061.Memory Loss-Clark 062.Magic 063.MPREG-Bruce 064.MPREG-Clark 065.Off-World
066.Pre-Capes 067.Progeny 068.Presumed Dead-Bruce 069.Presumed Dead-Clark 070.Red Kryptonite
071.Red Sun 072.Role Playing 073.Sex in Batcave 074.Sex in Batmobile 075.Sex in Fortress
076.Sex Pollen-Bruce 077.Sex Pollen-Clark 078.Sex Pollen-Both 079.Sex While Flying 080.Shower Sex
081.Sex w/Food 082.Sex w/Kryptonite 083.Sensual Massage 084.stalker!Clark 085.stalker!Bruce
086.Third Person Involved-Lex Luthor 087.Third Person Involved-Lois Lane 088.Third Person Involved- Any 089.Trinity (SM/BM/WW) 090.Time Travel
091.Third Person POV 092.Young Clark and/or Bruce 093.Vacation 094.voyeur!Fic 095.Watchtower sex
096.Golden Age 097.Composite Superman/Batman 098.Changeling!Bruce 099.Changeling!Clark 100.Slice-of-Life

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